Posted by Cat Baker on Thursday Nov 3, 2011 Under PRODUCTS

There are so many AMAZING products from the “World of B.” that it’s hard to choose…My son has a couple of items that we really love…

As you’ve probably noticed from my previous postings, education is pretty high on the “things my son should learn” list and that includes art and music. With bursts of color and integration of shapes and insects the PARUM PUM PUM drum set and YOUR HUE desk were the perfect start with the brand.

PARUM PUM PUM – My sister was “generous” enough to give this to my son for Christmas…Thanks SIS!!! :) Is it loud??? Extremely…But seeing him laughing and counting off  with the drumsticks (i.e., 3, 2, 1…tap) is worth it!!!

YOUR HUE – With 10 non – toxic markers, lift up drawer and 3 storage pockets, this desk is wonderful. He loves to draw, color and simply play with his trucks on the tabletop. He’s happy…So, In turn, I’m ELATED!!!