Posted by Cat Baker on Tuesday Aug 9, 2011 Under ACTIVITIES

For this project, we decided to create a caterpillar using a spare egg carton. Honestly, this was very simple and Xander enjoyed applying the glue for the mini balls and eyes of the creepy crawler. It was quick and fun.


  • Egg Cartons
  • Glue
  • Chenille Stems
  • Wiggle Eyes

To create a caterpillar form, use an egg carton container to cut a long row of cups. Cut two holes in top of one end section and insert chenille stems. Ensure that  both ends of the stem stick out on the top of the cup. To create antennae’s, shape the ends of the stems. Add wiggle eyes to the front of the cup and mini pom’s on top of each cup after the antennae’s for pops of color. VOILA!!! Your caterpillar.