Posted by Cat Baker on Sunday Aug 7, 2011 Under EDUCATION

Since my son was born, I’ve continued to introduce him to different cultures through activities or languages. Thus far, he’s learned Spanish, a bit of French and now Mandarin Chinese…

When Xander was about 5 months old, my brother, who is a linguist (he speaks Russian, French, Arabic and English (of course), told me that the 3 children (all under the age of 10) of one of his co – workers spoke multiple languages and stressed to him that the next generation should definitely have a firm grasp of the Chinese language. Hey, being professors, they should know right?!?

Well, that’s all I needed to hear…Now, after “Good Morning Mommy”, the next thing is “Chinese Please…” Isn’t that cute!!!

Being that all of the teachings on the DVD are in Chinese and the subtitles are in English, my husband thought it was kind of humorous, basically on the fence on whether he would pick anything up. But the second day of lessons proved him wrong, he automatically began repeating.

His first words??? Ta Bàobao…”He gives cuddles.”