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I KNOW you remember it…Or maybe not. I certainly do, with catchy beats and keen rhymes teaching about America (politics), grammar, mathematics, science and new additions money and earth, the SchoolHouse ROCK collection is a fun interactive way of learning about the world.

Although, after listening to it with my son, I realized that you REALLY have to listen. Some songs I remembered, “Conjunction, Junction”, “I’m Just A Bill” and “Interjections!”, others I was too busy dancing to pay attention. :)

Either way, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!



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I believe all parents think their child is a “Little Einstein” and they can brush up on their IQ with plenty of practice with the Baby Einstein collection.

The product list includes DVD’s that cover colors and sounds to classical music and sign language or even shapes, art and words. I began these lessons with Xander at 2 months, simply because the music for each DVD was soothing and calming. Not to mention, he paid attention and began applying the sign language by 3 – 1/2 months, which I found astonishing….

Yes…My son IS a genius!!!



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A few months ago, I decided to purchase a couple of Leap Frog DVD’s that would entertain my son with it’s cute graphics, but enable him to learn as well…

By the time he was 11 months old, he knew his numbers by heart and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to learn something new a bit earlier than suggested…The DVD’s are listed for ages 3 to 5 and although my son is 2 years old, he LOVES them…

As the tape says, “MATH IS EVERYWHERE” so why not learn it sooner rather than later…His favorite??? Math Adventure to the Moon…

He’ll walk up to me and say “Mommy, ‘MAF’ please…” How adorable!!!



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Well, we might as well face it. The world is getting smaller…Through the eyes of the internet, cultures collide and I want my child to be prepared, in the long run, for all aspects of life and understood when encountered…

That said, I began showing the MUZZY series, created by the BBC, when he was 24 months old. The first language??? Spanish, of course…With our Spanish population growing at an unbelievable rate and the Mexican border just below us, I thought it was the obvious choice.

The collection can be purchased separately OR in a box set. We chose the box set, which includes five (5) languages, English/ Spanish/ German/ Italian/ French.

Does it work??? Well, I wasn’t sure until a couple of weeks ago, I heard him counting to ten…ONE…TWO…THREE…etc. and when he got to TEN, he began to count in Spanish…UNO…DOS…TRES…etc. I was stunned!!!

I had NO idea that he knew his numbers in Spanish, but more importantly, at that moment, I realized the comprehension. He KNEW that the Spanish numbers were the correlation to the English numbers. AMAZING!!!

Next up…FRANCAIS. :)



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Yes…They can!!! I purchased this program after seeing the commercial late one night, thinking that if nothing else, the colors, songs and movement would be good for my 3 month old son.

Well, I had NO idea that the program would really work!!! By the time he reached 10 months old, he was pointing to the body part that he read on the flashcards. From that point, I began to implement other programs. By 14 months, he was bringing me books and reading.

He is now 2 years old and my family and friends are AMAZED that he knows his numbers (in English & Spanish), his alphabet, his shapes…No, not just the basic shapes, we’re talking trapezoid…rhombus…and the one that gets me EVERY time…QUADRILATERAL.

I’m a believer!!!