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There are so many choices when purchasing the necessities for the new addition to the family…Cribs, diaper genies, bouncers, high chairs and of course, strollers…

Well, for me, I thoroughly researched to find the right product for my needs and the brand that stood out from all the rest for a high chair and stroller possessed the oddest name…MUTSY. Believe me STOKKE and BUGABOO was a close second (the name and stroller)…:)

EASY GROW CHAIR – The chair that grows with your child (up to the age of 12). How cool is that??? The amenities??? The ability to tilt the bumper bar and dinner plate, which allows the child to easily be placed in the seat, the seating surface and foot rest are adjustable and it comes in an array of colors…

SPIDER STROLLER – The thought of climbing 3 stories with an oversized stroller made me cringe…Luckily, I found the Spider stroller. Why is it called a Spider??? Well, with one pull of the handle the entire stroller collapses like it’s namesake. So compact…So simple. Perfect for a New York City apartment. Furthermore, the Spider includes an adjustable push bar, a canopy and can be fitted with a car seat.


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A spa for your new baby??? I’d say… This European “SPA” bathtub is obviously different from all the rest. Yes, as always, I researched and read so many reviews of the lie back tubs and how baby’s were uncomfortable and cried throughout their bath time.

Well, when I came across the Spa Baby, I was immediately intrigued and decided this was the best choice for my little one.

True, it looks like a plastic bucket…But, the upright position is said to remind babies of their fetal position while in the womb. The water stays warm and the baby is comfortable.

Expecting my son to scream and cry as soon as his toes touched the surface, I was elated when the only thing he expressed was joy and laughter. From the very beginning, my son LOVED the Spa Baby. During the 8 to 9 months of use, he never cried or complained.

Durable and eco – friendly, it was the perfect beginning to his introduction to bath time.

I HIGHLY recommend this product. It served us well.



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Having a baby??? One of the “Rites of Passage”, in my book, is choosing a sleeping berth for the new addition to the family.

During my crib search, I had NO idea what to look for…There were choices at every turn, non – convertible, portable, convertible, etc. My first thought??? I don’t want to spend a fortune, after all, it’ll be no time before they’re bouncing in a twin bed…Right???

Well, after scouring the most popular sites (Target/ Macy’s/ Walmart/ Toys ‘R Us/ Pottery Barn, etc.), I compiled a list of brands and styles that piqued my interest. Then, I came across the Stokke brand…

The Stokke Sleepi is four beds in one. Yes, there are other conversion beds, but the Sleepi begins as a cylindrical shape (AKA the “Mini”), which caught and held my attention, then converts to an oblong bed. The crib grows with the child from newborn to 10 years of age…FABULOUS!!!

No, it’s not considered a bargain by any means, but when the shelf life is compared to other convertible beds, to me, it’s worth the price!!!